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      • September 27, 2024
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      • September 28, 2024
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Six Senses Ibiza

  • Venue

  • Location, location, location… is one of our golden rules for an unforgettable event. So for the next IER, we chose one of the World’s 50 Best Hotels in 2023, specially for you, the Six Senses Ibiza.

    We'll head to the northern tip of the island for a boho, off-grid vibe combined with luxury. The Six Senses Ibiza is nestled amidst the outstanding natural beauty of Cala Xarraca Bay.

    Our home for the IER24 promises to deliver another incredible learning experience setting.

  • IER goes beyond education

  • The IER24 experience will start on September 27th, propelling participants into a day of dynamic learning and enjoyment against the breathtaking backdrop of Six Senses Ibiza.
    As the sun sets, we'll delve into the heart of Ibiza town, experiencing a delightful mix of food, drinks, cultural immersion, and closing the day by getting a taste of the famous Ibiza nightlife.

    The following day we’ll engage in well-being activities and retreat to nature for a rejuvenating experience.

    The Ibiza Education Retreat features a multidisciplinary program led by renowned speakers, which we'll be announcing soon! They'll be presenting on opics ranging from surgery with aligners to digital workflow from implant to final prosthetics, Injection Moulding Technique (IMT) to treat clinical situations with challenging aesthetic demands, enhancing (oro)facial esthetics and harmony with or without orthognathic surgery, use of orthodontic mini-screws and the integration of other innovative technologies in dentistry.

  • What to expect of IER24

    • What's included

      IER24 FULL EXPERIENCE: September 27th and 28th, 2024

      • IER seminar in the Six Senses scenic theater
      • Learn from an incredible line up of renowned speakers
      • Delicious catering during the seminar hours by Six Senses chefs
      • Food, Drink & Culture Reception in Ibiza town on Friday evening
      • Retreat activity on Saturday, surrounded by Nature and fun people

      BRING YOUR PLUS-ONE TO THE IER RECEPTION: September 27th, on Friday night

      If you’re attending the IER seminar, you are all set. There’s no need to purchase for the IER reception as this is already included in your ticket. To book this option, click on BOOK NOW and follow the next steps.

      Around 20h00, we’ll meet in Ibiza town and to experience a night filled with delicious food, drinks and music. Be ready!

    • Recommendations

      Car Rental


      We have organized a discount rate for our attendees; for more information, please contact laura.alegria@sixsenses.com or sara.garrido@sixsenses.com

      You can of course choose where you want to stay, there are a lot of options in the island.

    • General Information

      Participants are awarded with a certificate of attendance and credit points in accordance with the RIZIV guidelines (Belgium Dental Association). Accreditation points details will follow.

      All lectures will be held in English.

      Cancellation of a registration is allowed up to five weeks prior to the event date and must be requested in writing via email to info@nedwork.org.

  • 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023 and next 2024...

  • Bringing together professionals, educators, and enthusiasts in a picturesque setting, to learn, connect and network.

    Each year we unite in Ibiza at the Ibiza Education Retreat, powered by neDwork, who inspires community, collaboration, partnerships and sharing lessons learned.

    The seminar presents a multidisciplinary program and welcomes an impressive and inspiring panel of speakers; from international key opinion leaders to emerging clinicians, to business and health professionals. More than 20 invited speakers have taken the IER stages over the past 4 years.

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      • September 27, 2024
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      • September 28, 2024
      • Six Senses Ibiza
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