• Education Retreat


      • October 03, 2019
      • Ibiza
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  • Education Retreat

Private Villa

  • This was IER19

  • The time to be a dentist has never been more exciting.

  • New technology and social media have the power to make dentistry attractive and inviting. This however, comes with the need for greater understanding of this technology, the investments and implications on our daily clinical work. Misunderstanding can lead to more complex situations instead of simplifying the procedures and higher stress levels in a never-ending search for the perfect work-life balance.

    The Ibiza Education Retreat will address this wide range of topics with a focus on evidence based dentistry and everyday practice management. The aim is not only to focus on the knowledge needed to make great dentists, but also on the mind and body to keep up with the never-ending challenges we are faced with everyday.

    During your stay, our faculty and influencers will focus on developing a meaningful and relevant approach to literacy; framed around different learning sessions in a less formal setting among the pluses of retreats. There will also be plenty of social activities during the day and night in the magical island of Ibiza.

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  • Program

    • Scientific & Clinical Highlights


      Lectures & Highlights

      • The The Virtual Patient: The State of the Art Digital Workflow towards the Ideal Treatment Plan
      • Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Dentistry - The Orthodontist Role
      • The Dark Substrate: Clinical Implications when faced with a Dark Colored Tooth
      • Managing Complications from Poor Treatment Planning

      Lunch Break

      Discussions& Insights

      • The Synergy of Digital Dentistry and Biology in Implant Abutment Design and Treatment Workflow
      • Avoiding Aesthetic Failures: Preventing Soft Tissue Complications Around Implants
      • The Use of Regenerative Materials

      Cocktail Reception

    • Out of the box Dentistry


      • Understanding Why: Paving the Vision and Goals Needed to Move in the Right Direction
      • Work & Network - The Two Major Keys for Success in Dentistry
      • Differentiate Your Practice & Allow for a Joyful Journey for Your Patient
      • Beyond the Global Oral Health Threshold
  • Speakers Line-Up

    • Alexander Declerck
      Alexander Declerck (BE)
    • Dr. Tommie Van de Velde
      Dr. Tommie Van de Velde (BE)
    • Stavros Pelekanos
      Stavros Pelekanos (GR)
    • Nuno Sousa Dias
      Nuno Sousa Dias (PT)
    • Jaime Jimenez
      Jaime Jimenez (ES)
    • José Navarro
      José Navarro (GB)

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