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About neDwork

A to Z integration of advisory, leading-edge continuing education, innovative events solutions and client experience.

  • Christiane Ferret
    Christiane Ferret, Founder of neDwork

    Meet Christiane

    Since 2005, Christiane Ferret, Founder of neDwork, has been involved in identifying educational needs of dental and business professionals, by bringing them together for some of the most prestigious educational forums and events around the world.

    “I had the privilege, and still do, of working/collaborating with very aspiring thought leaders, and always wanted to create a space for them to stay connected, to learn and be inspired. Therefore, in 2018, neDwork was born out of my conviction to bring all together under the same umbrella; an A to Z integration of services, professionals and opportunities within continuing education, events and advisory solutions."

  • Sofie Velghe
    Sofie Velghe, Dentist & Co-Founder of neDwork vzw

    Meet Sofie

    Since 2006, Sofie Velghe, Dentist and Co-founder of neDwork vzw, has been practicing as a Restorative Dentist with special interest for aesthetic dentistry, facial driven orthodontics and mucogingival esthetic surgery.

    “I love treating my patients and giving them their best smiles. I also enjoy teaching, sharing knowledge and inspiring other professionals. In 2007 on, I founded a full-fledged group practice and lab, where I have been practicing together with a multidisciplinary team. And because teaching is a big part of me, I founded a study center, with the objective to offer accredited small group trainings and workshops for local dentists and abroad."

  • Since 2020, Christiane and Sofie have joined forces, and with 15+ years of experience each, they use the knowledge gained towards building the best possible experiences for the neDwork community.

Meet the neDwork

We are KOLs, emerging clinicians, Universities, training centers, manufacturers, dental associations, publishers, students, dental clinics, labs, business influencers, technicians, aspiring groups and colleagues.

Meet our partners

Building a better way to work together.

Working closely with the most innovative leaders in the industry, and creating unique opportunities for dental professionals to learn, to connect and get inspired. The neDwork partner ecosystem is based on a broad range of tools, services and solutions to support our clients.

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