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      • May 19, 2023
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      • May 20, 2023
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7Pines Resort, Ibiza

  • The Aftermovie

  • We are excited to be hosting soon, the 4th edition of the Ibiza Education Retreat on May 19th and 20th, 2023. For 3 years now, neDwork presents this unique concept, which combines the perfect balance of high level education, networking with our version of life-work-balance.

    For the next IER2023, we are planning a 1,5 day event with international speakers, a multidisciplinary program and a fantastic social agenda. The program will involve topics around Digital Workflow, Esthetics, Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Periodontics, Surgery, Endodontics and Web 3 technological innovations in Dentistry.

    There will be lots of interactions with friends and colleagues, while enjoying the beautiful island of Ibiza. Join us in this unique experience!

  • What to expect of IER23


  • We'll be ready to welcome you at 09:00 with a coffee. We have invited 8 international speakers who will share their experience and certainly, inspire you. The educational program will end around 18:00 and at 19:00 we'll meet at the 7Pines Resort sunset deck, to celebrate together, enjoy the sun goes down around the stunning Es Vedra.

    • 2 live Djs!
    • drinks and delicious bites
    • sunset and great vibes

    *Deadline to sign up for reception is April 16, 2023*


  • Catamaran Cruise with Live DJ, Food & Drinks
    16:00 - 22:00

    Ready to sail and party in the beautiful waters of Ibiza?

    We’ll take you on a cruise to the most beautiful anchorages in Formentera, Espalmador and the south coast of Ibiza with ‘first time ever’ live DJ music as you admire the sunset. All Inclusive. Ticket price includes drinks and barbecue.

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  • Speakers Line-Up

    • Javier Tapia Guadix
      Javier Tapia Guadix (ES)
    • Maria Orellana
      Maria Orellana (BE)
    • Xavier Lamote
      Xavier Lamote (BE)
    • Alexander De Greef
      Alexander De Greef (BE)
    • Nurcan Yilmaz
      Nurcan Yilmaz (NL)
    • Jan-Stanley Brown
      Jan-Stanley Brown (BE)
    • Christophe Verbanck
      Christophe Verbanck (BE)
    • Sofie Velghe
      Sofie Velghe (BE)
    • Tommie Van de Velde
      Tommie Van de Velde (BE)
  • Topics

  • The All Digital Dental Clinic is Today

    Maria Orellana, Xavier Lamote , Sofie Velghe

    From Access Cavity Design to Designer Access Cavity

    Christophe Verbanck

    Soft tissue grafts: “Beauty Princess or Guardian Angel”

    Tommie Van de Velde & Alexander De Greef

    Bio-Emulation: Histo-Anatomic Analysis and Dynamic Light Observation for Anterior Restorations

    Javier Tapia Guadix

    By Failing to Plan, You are Preparing to Fail

    Nurcan Yilmaz

    A New Digital Era: How to Earn a Passive Income in Web3 for Longer Ibiza Trips

    Jan-Stanley Brown

  • Program

    • The All Digital Dental Clinic is Today

      Speakers: Maria Orellana, Xavier Lamote , Sofie Velghe

      New technological innovations have impacted and improved dentistry.

      Quite often multidisciplinary treatments represent a challenge in coordination among the different dental specialists. Clear aligners which utilize digital treatment planning can facilitate the treatment outcome in these complex cases. Moreover, it can give the dental specialists multiple checkpoints that are fundamental in complex cases rehabilitation.

      Also more restoration options are available delivering better esthetics that go well with the shape of the face. These steps are powered by “Artificial Intelligence” and the simplicity it brings to the table is astounding.

      New ways for effective and efficient interprofessional and patient communication have evolved, patient experience has improved.

      The objective is to explore the type and extend of digital innovations, the advantages they produce for dentists, researchers, material scientists and students.

      This lecture will provide enhanced protocols and staging to treat complex multidisciplinary cases that require restorative treatments, implants and orthognathic surgery.

    • From Access Cavity Design to Designer Access Cavity

      Speaker: Christophe Verbanck

      From ACD to DAC, the ABC of MIE in RCT

      In the wake of the digital dental revolution, with the advent of more powerful high resolution sFoV CBCT machines, minimal invasive endodontic treatment planning from access to apex can now be done with the click of a mouse.

      Instead of randomly cutting a hole in the middle of the occlusal plane in search for pulp tissue, pre-operative three-dimensional design of the endodontic access cavity and proper analysis of the location of root canals can eliminate weakening of structural dentin much needed for the longevity of the tooth.

      Unconventional or custom approaches that otherwise would be adventurous or look impossible based on our conditioned two-dimensional dental-thinking, now become the more logical and practical choice, eliminating operator frustration and make both patient and prosthodontist happy.

      The decision-making process, pros and cons, specific instruments and materials needed for your next (... or first) ‘designer access cavity’ will be explained during this session.

      So pull out those designer shades and get ready for this sparkling, ever first, IER endodontic lecture.

    • Soft tissue grafts: “Beauty Princess or Guardian Angel”

      Speakers: Tommie Van de Velde & Alexander De Greef

      Where periodontal cosmetic surgery aims to optimize the overall pink tissue aesthetics and harmony around natural teeth and dental implants, mucogingival therapy focuses on defect correction in terms of morphology, position and/or amount of tissue. In both cases however, soft tissue replacement grafts are slide forward to take on the leading role.

      Unfortunately during the last decennia, driven by society’s evolving strive to esthetical perfection, the influence of grafts on preservation and comfort slowly disappeared into the background.

      The question that is on everyone’s mind: Is it possible to combine esthetics and function?

      Can we promote the soft tissue graft from a strict beautifier into a reasonable looking implant guardian angel or even better, a pretty all-time implant savior?

    • Bio-Emulation: Histo-Anatomic Analysis and Dynamic Light Observation for Anterior Restorations

      Speaker: Javier Tapia Guadix

      Achievement of aesthetic anterior restorations that resemble natural teeth represent a great challenge for our daily practice. Obtaining optimal results with the minimum number of adjustments or repetitions necessarily implies performing a systematic and exhaustive shade analysis.

      Understanding light interaction with tooth structures as well as proper histo-anatomic principles is essential for a better material and shade selection strategy during restorative procedures.

      Properties such as light scattering, opalescence and fluorescence, as well as considerations to teeth aging should always be incorporated into our selection criteria. The dynamic light observation as defined in Bio-Emulation: Visual Synthesis represents the state of the art analysis of light interaction with tooth structures. As such it should become our reference not only for the shade analysis previous to our treatment, but also for the trustworthy final result.

      Only the restorations that could integrate with different kinds of light (i.e. cross-polarized, transmitted, ultra-violet, diffused, etc) can be considered a true success

      Key Learning points

      • Better understanding of optical properties of tissues and materials.

      • Learn advanced photographic techniques for shade analysis.

      • Material selection criteria based on patients age.

      • Learn strategies for avoiding problems in shade selection.

    • By Failing to Plan, You are Preparing to Fail

      Speaker: Nurcan Yilmaz

      Nowadays the trend is to be as minimally invasive as possible and that means that planning is key. What’s your indication? What is your endpoint but most important how will you execute your backward planning?

      During this lecture, we will go through each step in as much detail as possible in order to arrive as predictably as possible at the planned and tested end result.

      Key Learning points

      • Step by step learning how to prep minimally invasive
      • Wax-up mock-up procedure
      • Pre- prothetisch aligneren ten gunste van minimaal invasief prepareren
      • Preparatie protocol en hoe te controleren of het klopt
      • Het afwerken en polijsten
      • Voorlopige restauraties
      • Rubberdam
      • Gebruik van vergroting
      • Tips & tricks
    • A New Digital Era: How to Earn a Passive Income in Web3 for Longer Ibiza Trips

      Speaker: Jan-Stanley Brown

      Starting with the origin of money, fractional lending to blockchain and decentralized finance - understanding our current financial system and how it is being transformed by revolutionary technology is key to earning passive income in the decennia to come.

      Expect an interactive workshop that will test your investor knowledge, teach you what "staking an NFT" means and value data at it's fair value.

      Subjects covered:

      - Origin of "paper money"
      - History of credit
      - Web 1,2,3 and web 4
      - Distributed Ledger Technology
      - Metaverse: Value Creation in 3D

    • What's included
      • Entrance to seminar
      • Lunch and coffee breaks
      • Certificate of attendance
      • Riziv accreditation for Belgium dentists (activity 23005675)
      • Support with academic accreditation - for Belgium dentists
    • Recommendations
    • Cancellation

      Cancellation for seminar must be requested in writing via email to info@nedwork.org - see cancellation policy for more details. Cancellation of social activities is non-refundable.

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      • May 20, 2023


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