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Shape Posterior Composite

      • November 24, 2022
      • -
      • November 25, 2022
      • Gent
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Masterclass with Dan Lazar

  • The restorations of composite material are worth considering a treatment option both from aesthetic and functional point of view. The posterior composite restorations are one of the most frequent restorative dental treatments and the final outcome depends on some factors - the preparation of the cavity, reconstruction of the contact point, the shape of the occlusal morphology, the finishing of the restoration and the occlusion check.

    SHAPE POSTERIOR is an experience in which we will debate the use of the composite materials in the posterior region both in occlusal and proximal cavities.

    • how to prepare a proximal cavity
    • how do I reconstruct optimally the contact point?
    • how to use different matrices?
    • how to shape the occlusal morphology - step by step procedure
    • how to make a predictable occlusal adjustments
  • Speaker

    • Dan Lazar
      Dan Lazar (RO)
      • You will learn how to prepare a tooth in the proximal area and how you can use properly the matrices
      • You will understand how to shape the occlusal morphology step by step
      • You will learn a practical and simple protocol that you will be able to implement on daily bases

      LANGUAGE: English

      Riziv Accreditation: 80AE DG4 (for Belgium dentists)

    • Meet Dan
      • Graduated Dental School in Cluj-Napoca
      • Specialized in dental aesthetics and dental photography
      • Co-founder of the Romanian Dental Photography Association
      • Currently practicing in Oradea and Salonta - Romania
      • Work: Dental photography and dental aesthetics

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      • November 24, 2022
      • -
      • November 25, 2022


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