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Simplified Direct Posteriors with Javier Tapia

      • June 16, 2022
      • De Pinte
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  • Direct composite posterior restorations are the pillars of restorative dentistry, as such they become of capital importance as they provide the stability to a proper restored dentition. However, achieving stable, high quality, long-lasting direct restorations is technique sensitive and requires a proper understanding of many factors including preparation, bonding and layering among others. Through this intensive hands-on course we will address all those factors in order to learn how to pursue and achieve excellence in direct posterior composite restoration treatments.

  • Venue

  • Meet different, feel different, be different!

    With a boutique setting and a professional approach, the Avidof will be the perfect place to combine a full day learning with invited speaker Javier Tapia, from Madrid Spain. In the evening, we'll gather outside under the tent to enjoy a lovely gastronomic dinner and drinks.

  • Program

  • Theoretical Program

    Simplified isolation:
    Rubber dam selection.
    Clamp selection.
    Isolation steps.
    Rubber dam inversion.
    Floss ligatures.

    Simplified preparation:
    Fluorescence aided caries excavation.
    Preparation criteria
    Tissue conditioning and cleaning.
    Remnant structure evaluation.

    Simplified bonding:
    Bonding techniques: from total etch to self-etch.
    Enamel bonding and dentin bonding particularities.
    Strategies for achieving optimal bonding performance.
    One step bonding vs two step bonding systems.

    Simplified materials for systematic workflow:
    Simplicity and aesthetics without compromise.
    High filled flowable composite, strong as paste.
    Fibre-reinforced high filled flowable for easy and effective dentin replacement

    Simplified occlusion:
    Basic contact points.
    Excursive movements explained: things to control.

    Practical Program

    Class I restoration
    Upper & Lower - occlusion check

    Class II restoration
    Contact point management

    Direct Cusp Cover
    Re-building the anatomy in a predictable way

  • Speaker

    • Javier Tapia Guadix
      Javier Tapia Guadix (ES)
    • Meet Javier Tapia Guadix

      Javier Tapia Guadix was born in 1978 in Madrid, Spain. He finished dental school at the European University of Madrid in 2003. Working then as associate professor in the prosthetics department during 2004.

      In 2005 he started his career as professional computer graphics artist, focused on illustration, animation and application development. He received the Collegiate Merit Award by the Spanish College of Dentists from the 1st Region in 2005, for his collaboration in the commission of new technologies.

      In 2011 he founded together with Panaghiotis Bazos and Gianfranco Politano the Bio-Emulation group. He actively collaborates as invited professor with several universities across Europe. In 2017 he became official reviewer for the International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry.

      Javier works in private practice in Madrid, focused on restorative dentistry and aesthetics. He is an international lecturer with participation in more than 300 congress, hands-on courses and live courses. He published several articles in restorative dentistry, dental photography and computers in dentistry.

    • Overall information
      • One day program
      • Language: English
      • RIZIV accreditation for Begium dentists: 40 DG4

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