• Deep Margin Elevation day 7 - student program

2024 Student Program: Deep Margin Elevation in the indirect workflow in restorative dentistry

      • March 08, 2024
      • Gent
  • Workshop
  • Lecture


  • By hosting this event, we want to offer an opportunity for motivated dental students to expand their skills outside the basis of dentistry curriculum. Do you want to connect with fellow students and dentists? Are you interested in Restorative Dentistry? Then this course is for you!

    To maximize the learning opportunity during the hands-on, we'll only accommodate a small group . We encourage you to register quickly and join us. For questions, please email Maxime Vandesompele at nedgeneration@nedwork.org

  • Abstract

  • Subgingival margins remain a challenge in restorative dentistry, imposing a negative influence in the clinical success of adhesive indirect restorations. Conventional alternatives to expose deep margins include surgical clinical crown lengthening and orthodontic extrusion. However, the use of these techniques must be critically evaluated due to possible related complications.

    Deep margin elevation (DME) is an alternative procedure in which direct composites are used to relocate the margins coronally. Besides being less invasive, it facilitates impression taking, rubber-dam application and adhesive cementation. This is, however, a technique-sensitive procedure which must be executed carefully.

    In this course, the step-by-step of DME will be explained as well as the important clinical aspects to be considered.


  • The course will start at 18:15 and will end at 20:15 guided by Prof. Marcio Vivan Cardoso. In this evening, we'll enlighten one of the topics from the 'Current Challenges and Solutions for Indirect Workflow' course given earlier this day.

    17:30 Sign in, welcome drink & bites

    18:15 Lecture ‘Deep margin elevation’

    18:30 Demo ‘deep margin elevation, preparation of partial crowns and immediate dentine sealing’

    19:15 Hands-on ‘deep margin elevation’

    20:15 End of program


    • Marcio Vivan Cardoso
      Marcio Vivan Cardoso (BE)

      Marcio Vivan Cardoso, DDS, MSc, PhD

      Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Health Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium

      Coordinator of the Clinical Skills Training Centre, UZ Leuven, Belgium

      Secretary of the Continental European Division of the International Association of Dental

      Research (CED-IADR)


      Language: English

      Riziv accreditation requested.

Join us

      • March 08, 2024
      • Van der Valk Hotel Gent
      • Gent


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