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Sustaining Career Growth: Leadership, career planning, health and focus

      • May 30, 2024
      • -
      • May 31, 2024
      • Brakel
  • Workshop
  • Networking
  • Lecture
  • This event aims to explore a long-term career success by fostering by pause, reflect, physical exercise fostering optimal health, energy levels, and performance.

    Through the two days, participants are encouraged to step away from their busy lives and immerse themselves in a structured environment designed to foster deep personal and professional insights. Attendees will gain powerful source of learning, motivation and support through the shared experiences and diverse backgrounds of our invited faculty.

    This event will take place at a very special venue, the Flandrien Hotel, located in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes in Belgium, where Flemish and international cycling legends ride with determination and perseverance; which makes this venue the perfect place for this unique event.

  • About the Program

  • As dental professionals progress in their career, demands of work and personal life often increase and significant challenges are faced. Sustaining career growth involves a combination of professional development, personal motivation, and maintaining overall well-being.

    The two-day Career Compass Program is a transformative experience that encourages individuals to pause, reflect, and chart a more intentional course for their future. Participants are encouraged to step away from their busy lives and immerse themselves in a structured environment designed to foster deep personal insight.

    Furthermore, the Program recognizes the importance of guidance and mentorship in one's professional journey. It offers participants access to experienced coaches and mentors who provide invaluable insights and perspectives, as well as fresh viewpoints, strategies for success, networking and collaboration among participants.

    In addition to interactive lectures with the lead facilitators, you will have sessions on ergonomics, stretching, nutrition and core stability for improved health.

    The venue offers an inspiring location with beautiful rooms, seminar facilities, art gallery, spacious grounds and fitness center. Participants can extend their stay with optional overnight, cycling or hiking in the region.

  • What's included:

    • Two-day face-to-face seminar with an engaging faculty
    • Sessions on ergonomics, stretching, nutrition and core stability
    • Pre-program webinar
    • Interactive lectures and plenary discussions
    • Small group work and individual reflection
    • Lunch & breaks
    • Dinner, bed & breakfast
    • Evening dinner & networking event
    • Outdoors and group exercise in the Flemish Ardennes
    • Session on ergonomics, stretching and core stability
    • Daily health & well-being sessions
    • Nutritional advice
    • Optional post-program coaching sessions
    • Certification of attendance (Riziv accreditation requested)
  • Facilitators

    • Jamie Anderson
      Jamie Anderson (BE)
    • Bernard Moerman
      Bernard Moerman (BE)
    • Christophe Heinix
      Christophe Heinix (BE)
    • Maaike Polspoel
      Maaike Polspoel (BE)
    • Raf Gysemans
      Raf Gysemans (BE)
  • Outcomes

    • Disconnect from the daily grind to gain the mental space needed to reevaluate your skills, talents, and passions
    • Gain better clarity about your career and life goals
    • Engage with experienced mentors who will provide invaluable insights and perspectives
    • Be better equipped to make conscious decisions about your next career steps
    • Navigate your future with renewed confidence
    • Understanding the positive impact of exercise on career growth can serve as a powerful motivator
    • Increases Energy and Productivity

      Language: Some facilitators will lecture in English, and some in Dutch.

      The program will start both days at 9h00 and will end at 17h00.

      Riziv accreditation requested.

      Overnight is available and limited to 8 rooms (double occupancy).


      Jamie Anderson
      Professor of Leadership & Strategy at Antwerp Management School and Visiting Professor at INSEAD. Jamie has been named as a “management guru” in the Financial Times and has also been included on a list of the world’s “top 25 management thinkers” by the journal Business Strategy Review.

      Bernard Moerman
      Associate Lecturer in Leadership at Antwerp Management School, executive coach, two-time TED Speaker and consultant in the field of Organizational Change and Lifelong Learning. Talent manager, coach, mentor and Team Director in the world of elite-level cycling.

      Christophe Heinix
      Dentist since 1999. Founder and manager of Heinix dental practices. Christophe worked at THK center Tilburg Noord as sedation specialist (training at ACTA). Founder of herO. Passionate endurance athlete and spinning instructor.

      Maaike Polspoel
      Former Olympian and Nutritionist at HERO. With accumulated knowledge and experience around science-based nutrition advice, guiding people in achieving their nutrition and health goals.

      Raf Gysemans

      Physical coach at HERO Edegem offering expert training for recreational and elite athletes. He specializes in screening, coaching, workshops and ergonomics.

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      • May 30, 2024
      • -
      • May 31, 2024
      • Flandrien Hotel
      • Brakel
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