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2023 Contact Points with Stephane Browet

      • November 17, 2023
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      • November 17, 2023
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The Netherlands

  • This course by Stephane Browet will focus on the use of different matrix systems for direct restorations in the anterior and posterior areas - A precise strategy will help you create predictable contact points.

  • Course Content

    • Being able to make the right choice of material in function of the material properties
    • Mastering diastema closure in the front, from freehand to matrix
    • Being able to make the right matrix choice in the lateral parts
    • Composite choice, how to optimally use the different viscosities
    • Simplify instrument selection
    • Layering, combine the time-savers with the right layering techniques
    • Predictably building occlusion
    • Stephane Browet
      Stephane Browet (BE)
  • This course starts at 9 am and ends around 5 pm and consists of presentations, demos and hands-on sessions. The emphasis will be on restoring shape and contour in deep cavities where additional tools such as separation rings, wedges and the use of Teflon tape will be discussed in detail. More than improvisation or simply tips & tricks, this is about strategy and "problem solving. Both are used hand in hand to handle even the most difficult cases predictably. During the hands-on sessions, you will be able to apply the various matrix systems, wedges and separation rings.

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  • Language: English

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