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2024 Anterior Layering Course

      • May 16, 2024
      • Antwerp
  • Workshop
  • Lecture
  • Anterior restorations with high esthetic demands are a common challenge to most clinicians in their daily practice. Single shade restorations do not always achieve the aesthetic outcome wished by them and their patients. In the other hand, traditional layering techniques require training, experience, and skills together with long clinical times.

  • Abstract

  • This course will start at 9:00 and will end at 17:00 guided by Adriano Teixeira.

    The aim of this lecture is to present tips and tricks of how to perform an easy layering technique in a Cl IV that will enable clinicians to create aesthetic direct restorations in a quicker way.

    For the peg lateral we will use a combination of a simple customized transparent matrix (which guarantees the buildup of the correct emergence profile) with the injection moulding technique, a novel process ideal to recreate complex morphologies in both the anterior and posterior regions with optimal aesthetics.

    The use of a transparent silicone material and an injectable resin composite with high flexural strength and wear resistance make it possible to translate a diagnostic wax-up into composite restorations with high strength and gloss.

    The transparent silicone allows you to check every little detail and prevents the formation of an oxygen inhibition layer thus facilitating the final polishing. Furthermore, it’s possible to control the injection while treating several teeth simultaneously. The technique even allows the surface texture to be copied from the wax-up, which results in a natural smile with a life-like appearance whilst saving valuable chair-time.


    • Learn how to create highly esthetic restorations in an easy and predictable way.
    • Optimal ways for the fabrication of a diagnostic wax-up.
    • Understand the rules related to the fabrication of a transparent VPS matrix.
    • Selection of appropriate resin composite and which features they should have.
    • Understanding colour perception, learn different techniques in shade selection, understanding how to get invisibility, understanding composite materials and how to get the best from them.
    • Develop an enhanced understanding of bonding processes.
    • Practice clinical techniques on finishing and polishing to achieve surface texture, correct line angles and final surface lustre.

    • Adriano Teixeira
      Adriano Teixeira (BR)

      Dr Adriano graduated in Dentistry from the UNESP State University (Brazil). He also obtained the titles of Specialist and Master in Restorative Dentistry from the University of São Paulo (USP).

      With more than 18 years of clinical experience in his practice, he has already given many hands-on courses to students and dentists which enhanced his skill not only as a trainer but also on developing intuitive educational material to improve the learning process.

      As a researcher, Adriano has already published papers in reviewed journals and has given presentations in national and international congresses.


      Language: English

      Riziv accreditation requested.

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      • May 16, 2024
      • Lindner Hotel
      • Antwerp
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