Optimal oral health and continuous professional growth are paramount to dentist professionals. Therefore, neDwork is committed to being your global partner of choice for recommending premium education and solutions through one-of-a-kind events, innovative learning and curated experiences.

Together with remarkable global educators and affiliates, neDwork aims to be the primary source of dental education recommendations, while enhancing our members’ network.

neDwork was born out of my conviction that dental professionals need a trust filter to identify which of hundreds of education sources fit their individual needs. In our field, making the right connections is key. neDwork cuts through the clutter, facilitating your selection process.

My team and I strive to be your go-to platform for trusted quality, born out of expertise and nurtured by our reputable community.

I look forward to welcome you to our neDwork.

“You always meet twice” came to my mind when Christiane pitched neDwork to me in fall of 2018. We had already been working alongside one another for years; Christiane with a focus on education and events and myself on marketing and project management. I immediately recognized the potential of Chris’ idea and how we could benefit from our respective expertise and experience.

The way people want to learn and collaborate is changing. My objective is to support our affiliates in the best possible way, not only to grow their business but also to actively illustrate and shape their strategies and make them future-ready.

The importance of the individual in its consciousness and personal potential is already a proven factor for success. We utilize this factor and weave it into innovative educational programs that not only reveal the intellectual potential, but offer an experience for mind, body and soul.